Death Certificate Death Certificate

Death Certificate


Document required for No Objection Letter issued by Embassy :-

  • Request letter from “next of kin” of the deceased.
  • Original and copy of Passport, of the next of kin. (1st page and last page)
  • Original and copy of Passport of dead person.
  • Death notification from hospital if death happens in Hospital
  • Police report in case of Natural death at home or due to accident.
  • Copy of FIR filed by family in case of accident or unnatural death.

All Thai documents should be translated into English before submission to the Embassy. 

Once NOC is issued the person can collect the dead body from the local authorities. 
Document required for Death Certificate to be issued by Embassy :  (for transportation of dead body to India or after cremation in Thailand)

  • Death Certificate issued by Thai District office. Copy of the death certificate in Thai and English.
  • Photocopy of Post-mortem report if available, in Thai and English.
  • Original Passport of the death person for cancellation.
  • Fee 15 THB