Press release 18th Indo-Thai Coordinated Patrol concludes at Port Blair

18th Indo-Thai Coordinated Patrol concludes at Port Blair

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Press Release

18thIndo-Thai Coordinated Patrol concludes at Port Blair

1. The 18thCycle of Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) between Indian Navy and Royal Thailand Navy (RTN) was undertaken from 1 to 8 April 2014. Indian Naval Ship Bangaram, a Fast Attack Craft, one Indian Navy Dornier, Royal Thai Navy Ship HTMS Sriracha and one RTN Dornier participated in the CORPAT.

2. The first meeting of Indian Navy - the Royal Thai Navy Joint Working Group on the Establishment of Order at Sea was held in December 2003 in Bangkok. During the meeting both sides agreed to institute CORPATs and establish lines of communication between both navies.

3. Various joint exercises were conducted during the course of five days of the CORPAT. On completion of patrolling, both ships arrived at Port Blair on 6 April 2014. HTMS Sriracha was accorded a warm welcome on arrival. The Closing Ceremony of the CORPAT took place at Port Blair on 8 April 2014. Senior Officer from RTN Rear Admiral WanchaiTuamsem and Commander Task Unit Third Naval Command CaptChawinWeangwises attended the closing ceremony.

4. Apart from joint maritime patrols,India-Thailand Defence cooperation includes regular joint exercises,training of officers at each other's Armed Forces training institutions and exchange visits at various levels.

(Bangkok - 10 April 2014)