Press release Telephone Conversation between Prime Minister and President of Rwanda

Telephone Conversation between Prime Minister and President of Rwanda

June 05, 2020

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had a phone call today with H.E. Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda. The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction at the progress achieved in bilateral ties since his memorable visit to Rwanda in 2018. The President of Rwanda warmly recalled the 200 Indian cows gifted by Prime Minister Modi during his 2018 visit, and explained that they had helped in improving availability of milk for Rwandan children and also increased the income of farmers.

The leaders discussed the challenges posed to their healthcare systems and economies by the COVID-19 pandemic. They shared information about the steps taken in the respective country to manage the crisis and ensure well-being of citizens. The leaders agreed to extend all possible support to each other’s expatriate citizens during the present crisis.

The Prime Minister assured the Rwandan President of India’s steadfast support to Rwanda’s efforts to combat the Coronavirus, including through medical assistance. He appreciated the effective management of the crisis under President Kagame’s leadership, and the firm resolve of the people of Rwanda in combating this challenge.

The Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes for the health and well-being of the people of Rwanda during the present crisis.

New Delhi

June 05, 2020